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Social Security Disability / SSI

The Social Security Administration is an overworked, back-logged federal bureaucracy which is slow in processing claims. While the system was designed to help people like you, who have worked hard all their life and paid into the system through payroll deduction, too often truly disabled individuals are turned down by the system.  The appeals process is often times long and frustrating which can take up to two years before a final decision is made by an Administrative Law Judge.  Just because your claim is initially denied or denied on appeal (Reconsideration) doesn’t mean that ultimately you won’t receive benefits. However, if you are to be successful in winning your claim, it is important that the Social Security Administration has all of the relevant information available to approve your claim.


At McCracken & Martin, our experienced attorneys will help you cut through the red tape, assist you in understanding each and every step of the process and strive to make the system work for you. Our attorneys not only understand what medical evidence is necessary to win your case, but also how that medical evidence ties in with the law.  We’ll work closely with your doctors to ensure that the Social Security Administration and Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) has the necessary evidence to approve your claim.  We’ll not only be prepared for your hearing, but we’ll make sure that you are fully prepared for the hearing.

Our attorneys are prepared to offer close, personalized assistance with any type of Social Security Disability matter including:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance

The federal program for those individuals who can prove disability and who have paid into the system through Social Security witholding taxes.

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The federal program for those individuals who have not paid sufficiently into the system but can demonstrate both financial need and disability.

  • Childhood Disability Income

  • Widow's Benefits

Many other law firms are not interested in speaking with you or assisting you with your claim unless you have been turned down at least once. Our attorneys are willing to discuss the merits of your claim with you even before you have applied for benefits. If you desire, we’ll even assist you with the

initial filing of your claim and will be with you every step along the way. 


Regardless of what stage of the system you’re in, there’s no risk to you. Our fees are regulated by the Social Security Administration and we only get

paid if we are successful in having your application for benefits approved.  Contact us at (513) 737-8000, to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys today.

Public Employees Disability Retirement (PERS)
School Employees Disability Retirement (SERS)

Public employees are those individuals who work for the State of Ohio, a county or municipality. School employees include teachers, administrators and office staff, as well as service providers such as janitorial/maintenance and bus drivers. Rather than paying into the federal security system, these individuals contribute to their own retirement systems – Public Employee Retirement System (PERS), or School Employees Retirement System (SERS). 

If these individuals become disabled and are unable to perform their jobs, they may be entitled to collect an early disability related retirement from these systems.


If you are thinking about applying for disability retirement or have been turned down, our attorneys can help.  We'll work with your doctors to make sure that the disability board has the information to approve your disability retirement as quickly as possible.


These cases are handled on a flat fee basis, which depends on the complexity of the case.


Call us today at (513) 737-8000 to discuss your claim.

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